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Hall Of Fame

Check out some of the other big hitters we’ve had in previous releases.  Please note, only cans in our Shop section are available to purchase.  We only release certain quantities of each beer, and once it’s gone… It’s gone!


After the success of last year’s Mr Sipling, one of 2020’s best-selling beers for us, we couldn’t resist finishing the year by doubling down with a Big Ol’ Battenberg! Kettle soured with some lactobacillus culture, loaded up with lactose, apricot puree, almond extract, and vanilla, not much else to say about this one other than it’s a big thick sweet treat that’ll be exceedingly good to drink this Christmas.

We had our new friends Merakai Brewing come join us for a murky, hazy New England, brewed with a touch of lactose for additional creaminess! The hop bill features some big hitters such as Citra, Idaho 7 and Galaxy for lots of tropical fruit, peach and citrussy dankness. Our usual low carbonation lends a creamy texture rounded out with the small lactose addition, we deviated from our normal New England style by fermenting with Vermont yeast, one of the original NE strains to make super authentic and end the year with a bang!


This American style Barley Wine, brewed with our good friends at VAUX brewery, is full of caramelised toffee notes, whirlpooled and dry hopped with a big ol’ US hop bill of Citra, Simcoe, Centennial, Cascade and Columbus and a complex malty backbone. Big, boozy and bitter with a warmth that takes those winter blues away.

Creamy toffee flavour from a rich malt bill, lactose for a smooth and full body and toffee in the fermenter, we wanted to go all in for Christmas on this impy. This beauty is all of the toffee you want, without getting stuck in your teeth!


Thick, oily, full of caramel and hazelnut notes and oh so Christmassy. Once you’ve opened it, remember not to put the empty wrapper back in the box!

We chucked a load of strawberry puree and lactose into this beautiful base stout recipe, the result? Strawberry Delight! If you like your impy’s on the slightly sweeter/pastry side, this is what you’ll be dreaming about this Christmas!


Shock, S43 Brewery are doing another New Zealand IPA! But why wouldn’t we? They’re some of the best hops in the world, and this time we’ve gone big with a DIPA. Rakau, Nelson, Wai-iti, Moutere, Motueka, Galaxy, Kohatu, we’ve gone big not home on this, used over 30% Oats and Wheat in the malt, its that New Zealand flavour we really love here, so we hope you do too!

Small in ABV, big in stature with a big ol’ hop bill, Galaxy, Mosaic, Idaho 7, Azacca and Talus stack this pale ale up against some of thick hop soup IPA’s we’ve produced this year. Smooth in mouthfeel with some savoury pine backed up with everything you’d expect from this kind of hop bill. We’ve become fond of making these intense pales this year, so we’re going to keep doing ’em.


After using desiccated coconut in our Coconut Snowball Stout earlier this year we’ve been desperate to use it in another beer, and since we haven’t done a Milkshake IPA in a little bit we figured now would be a really good time to get some back in again! Hopped with the most Pineapple’y hops of all, Sabro, Bru-1 and El Dorado, dosed with a bunch of Pineapple Puree and packed with a shed load of desiccated coconut, this Pina Colada Milkshake IPA should transport you to a beach in the Caribbean in the height of summer, instead of being caught in that Great British winter rain!

This is Alex’s favourite style of beer to brew, a solid hazy IPA with a good bit of depth and well roundedness. Hopped with Idaho 7, Nelson, Centennial, Amarillo, Citra and Cascade, this is a real all-rounder, expect a real smooth and creamy mouthfeel backed up by big Pine and Dank flavours, with a good bit of bitterness to take the edge off, and keep you coming back for more, oh boy!


Our second ever Barrel Aged Beer, this time we took our Sasquatch Syrup from earlier this year and aged it for 6 months in a Bourbon cask. Expect big flavours of Maple and Coffee washed down with heart warming notes of whiskey! 

This Kviek Pale is full of guava and tangerine aromas with a slightly tart and earthy base coming from the Kviek yeast fermented at warmer temperatures. Pours pale and hazy with lots of citrus and fruity esters and ending with a bright and crisp finish.

We love New Zealand hops and we’ve pumped this hazy pale full of them. Thick and opaque this pale is equal parts juicy tropical fruit and piney goodness. A heavy dose of Motueka and Wai-iti hops add freshly squeezed lime juice vibes and a soft, creamy texture makes this pale feel a lot bigger than its abv.

Our second time hosting our good friends at Brew York for what we plan to become our yearly Autumnally extravagant collab! This time we went even bigger on the ABV and bumped it up to 9.5, dosed in your usual blend of seasonal spices, stuck in some whole coffee beans and cold brew from our local roastery Fika, and used Pumpkin from tins brought over from the good old US of A. Get your flannel shirts, Ugg boots and woolly hats at the ready, it’s about to get very brisk at the brewery.

Appropriately named as when we brewed this Belgian IPA most of our staff were either self-isolating or off sick so it made for an exciting brew day. Our take on a Belgian IPA features Belgian Ardennes yeast which brings classic spicy flavour and aroma with a hint of earthiness and Belgian funk. Hopped generously with Columbus, Amarillo, German Tettnager and Citra for tons of citrus, grapefruit and old school herbal hop character. Brewed with a stripped back malt bill of 95% lager malt for a lovely refreshingly crisp finish. A crisp, citrus forward hoppy beer with beautiful Belgian character that provides a twist and something a bit different in a sea of hazy IPAs.

This East Coast pours bright yellow and hazy, with a light fluffy head. Juicy tropical fruits and tangerine aromas really pop as soon as the can is opened. A very soft and smooth texture, low carbonation enhances the breakfast juice vibes. It’s sweet and juicy flavours dominate along with some  mango and a bit of earthiness as the beer warms up. A rounded bitterness is just enough to balance out the juiciness and creamy texture.

Pouring a lovely amber and deep orange colour, expect bright aromas of grapefruit, pine and orange. Bitter sweet marmalade flavours jump out initially giving way to resiny pine, bright citrus, and a touch of spice. The slight caramelly sweetness from the crystal malts dissipates, finishing with a crisp, pithy and refreshing level of bitterness that keeps it very moreish. A deliciously refreshing hop trip!

Brewed in the same style as some of our crowd favourites, Juice Cannon and Big Juice, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things is a juiced up Double IPA with a small addition of lactose to smooth everything out. Hopped with possibly our most exciting bill yet of Galaxy, Strata and Bru 1, expect loads of tropical flavours with hints of fresh cut pineapple and passionfruit, and a little bit of savoury dankness from the Galaxy and Strata, this will be one thick hoppy explosion of a beer.

Since we enjoyed Nebulous so much, which was our first beer featuring the galactic combo of Citra/Simcoe and Mosaic, and since Little Juice has been going down so well, we figured we would have another crack at doing a hazy pale, full of body and flavour but on the more sessionable side of things. With this ultimate modern hop combo expect your usual flavours of mango, stonefruit, citrus and pine, but without the usual daft ABV that some people come to expect from our beers!

Technically we’ve got a double collab drop this time round, this one is with the excellent Phantom Brewery! We were both keen to do a hop forward beer, but something a little bit out of the ordinary, so we went with a Black IPA. Hopped with Chinook, Simcoe, Citra and Summit, but with the extra addition of dark malts, the resulting beer is full on hop bursts of classic pine and aroma, that turns into hints of chocolate and roast. Smooth and easy drinking with a bitter backbone, this our first Black IPA, but hopefully not our last!

Its summer time, pull on your finest/tightest pair of Jorts, have a sip of this beer and be transported to Venice Beach. Featuring lots of classic American Hops for tonnes of refreshing Citrus and Grapefruit character, plenty of bitterness to keep it sessionable, and a lower ABV to help it along the way. This is our first ever West Coast Pale, so let us hope the sun keeps shining!

In case you didn’t already know, we absolutely love New Zealand hops, so try to do as many NZ IPA’s as we can, and here we have another! Saturated with the tropical fruit, pine and resin flavours that make NZ Hops so special, this time we’ve packed in Nelson, Riwaka, Wai-iti and Motueka, with a little Ekuanot Cryo for good measure.

We’ve brewed up a big boozy stout with a bit of a departure from our usual M/O, we’ve left out the pastry element to please the real stout drinkers out there! A luxuriously dark and roasty malt bill, mixed with a generous helping of Cacao Nibs and Single Origin Coffee from El Salvador (but roasted right here in Durham by our friends at Fika). The result is a smooth, oily, indulgent stout for dark beer and coffee fans alike!

Everyone loves a stonefruit, a common characteristic of most new world hops that people look out for, so we’ve decided to capitalise on it in the best way possible. Hopping an IPA with Azacca, Sabro, Chinook and El Dorado but then adding in Peach and Apricot to really accentuate them flavours. A real stonefruit explosion, without any fear of cracking your teeth!

Nebulous: Adjective – In the form of a cloud or haze; hazy. We went literal for this beer, a NEIPA brewed with Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic, possibly the three most popular hops in craft beer, thrown together with our old faithful London Ale 3 to produce an incredibly juicy brew..

If you’ve been following us for a while you may remember a beer we did at the beginning of 2020 called I Love Oats Me, which was an all Citra Oat IPA. We’ve revisited that recipe but turned it up a notch to create an 8.1% Imperial Oat IPA with over 55% Oats to give you a super thick, chewy Citra explosion of a beer. Just what you need to make your morning beer juuuuuust right.


Our head brewer Alex is from San Antonio, where Margarita’s flow like tap water, so it was a no brainer for him to try and brew up a beery version of Texas’ favourite cocktail! Brewed with 50% wheat malt, sea salt and Philly Sour yeast to bring a refreshing tartness, blended with lime juice, dry hopped with some Motueka, conditioned on tequila barrel chips, resulting in a fruity wheat beer with a tangy kick that will leave you searching for your lost shaker of salt.

When we first began e-mailing the guys at Drop Project about making a beer together, we knew we wanted to do something extra special with them. Guava and Lychee are two things we’ve been dying to put in beer for a while but could never get a hold of the puree’s, but the stars aligned, and we managed to get a hold of some, thus, Sentient Robot Cars came into fruition. A drying refreshingly tart gose with a little bit of sea salt to make each sip more moreish than the last! Alongside the Guava and Lychee you can expect an almost White Winey crispness from this beer, cheers!


Every now and then a brewer has to have a look around the cold store and see what Hops they have in more excess than others and plans a beer around that, a lot of breweries call these kitchen sink beers, we’ve called ours a Happy Little Accident. Turns out our abundance of hops was a solid bill of Idaho 7, Mosaic, Columbus, Amarillo and Centennial, some great American hops that provide the backbone for a really classic IPA, but when you pair it with London Ale 3 you get a bit of extra juicy flavour that we really love here at S43.

Another month, another NEIPA! After Big Juice flew out before we could even save a can for ourselves we thought we should get another Juicy number on the go. Dry Hopped with a big ol’ bill of Strata, Galaxy and Citra Cryo, expect lots of resinous flavour paired with the soft pillowyness of London Ale 3.


Our first collaboration with our new friends at Rivington, we decided to butt heads and make a pastry stout based on the one and only Biscoff! We put 20 kilos of crumbled up biscuits in the mash, and 20 more kilos in during fermentation to give this stout a real authentic, wholesome Biscoff flavour. Oh, and in true Biscoff fashion, this beer is completely vegan as well!

Our first time brewing with the Pineapple’y goodness of Bru-1 Hops, paired with Mosaic and El Dorado for more tropical fruit punch, a liberal dose of lactose and vanilla to provide balance, sweetness and a cakey flavour you’d expect from its namesake. Throw in 100 KG of Pineapple and you’ve got yourself a great balance of hops, fruit and sweetness, to make a real treat in a can.


Our Pastry Sour take on a classic British tea time treat, philly sour yeast along with heaps of Lactose, Vanilla, Sour Cherry Puree and Almond flavouring (to make it nut free), all mixed up together makes a sweet and refreshingly tart take on a Cherry Bakewell, all the flavour without the fork.

Who doesn’t love a Coconut Snowball? Who doesn’t love an Impy Stout? We decided to finish off our Bakery Series with a big old Stout packed with Coconut, Marshmallow, Lactose, Vanilla and Cacao Nibs to make something so sweet you’ll need a trip to the dentist after


We put our Smoked Russian Imperial Stout The Beast in a Bourbon Barrel for 4 months, giving it plenty of time to absorb all of that sweet sweet flavour, then bottle conditioned it for an extra month to give it the time and attention it deserves. The result is DCLXVI, our first of hopefully many BA Beers!

We finally got our hands on some Strata, something we’ve been very excited about, so we decided to put its Dank nature to good use. Based on a similar recipe to Dank Money, we paired the Strata with Citra, Columbus, Centennial and Chinook to try and really exentuate those pungent and fruity flavours you’d expect from them hops!


New Zealand hops are some of our favourites to use at the brewery, so we decided to do push the boat out with them and throw 6 in a Triple IPA. Nelson Sauvin, Riwaka, Waiti, Motueka, Moutere and Ekuanot team up to make a Megazoid of an IPA! Full of tropical fruit flavours, low bitterness and that distinct New Zeland crispness we’re very excited to get this out

We love brewing big juicy IPA’s but fancied something a bit more sessionable, but without skimping on flavour. Packed to the brim with Citra, Mosiac and Moutere for a bit of New Zealand crispness! This beer punches above its weight in flavour without knocking you out after 2 or 3.


Our first sasquatch sighting of the year. All the breakfast flavour you would expect from roasted coffee, maple sweetness and a hint of smoke. It drinks sweet and thick from coupious amounts of crystal malts and lactose. We wouldnt advise that you have one of these for breakfast, but we wouldnt blame you if you did!

Throwing it back to one of our most popular beers to date, Juice Cannon, we decided that we’d have another crack at a big juicy NEIPA, full of lactose for a soft and smooth base. Working with a similar hop bill of Mosaic, Citra, Azacca and El Dorado, but with slightly different ratios and some tweaks in the recipe, this beer’s going to have some big aromas of tropical fruit, but then with a bit of savoury dankness that you can expect from mosaic and citra. Paired with London Ale 3 and soft carbonation, this is going to be a real creamy juice bomb.


Hello Jackie, This Looks Nice… this is our second pastry sour, after the success of Mr Sipling last year we decided to go even heavier on the fruit, packed with loads of oats, blackberry puree, vanilla and rhubarb, it’s more like drinking a smoothie than a beer. Fermented with Philly Sour yeast for a refreshing sour acidity, fronted by a crumble like sweetness, this is a party in your mouth and your next door neighbour is not invited. Best drunk on a Friday Night, with a lovely bit of squirrel!

Broadening our horizons, working on something we’ve never done before, we’ve decided to brew a Saison. Fermented with a traditional Saison Yeast for your classic fruity ester and phenolic spice, brewed with a portion of Rye Malt to add even more spiciness. For a uniquely modern twist we have then dry hopped with Galaxy, Amarillo and Hallertau Blanc to brew a Saison like nothing else we’ve ever tasted, fruity and spicey at the front with a refreshing dryness you’d expect from a farmhouse beer!


For this sour IPA we’ve teamed up with fellow north east brewery Play. We’ve brewed a modern hazy IPA featuring tons of Simcoe, El Dorado and Sabro hops, and then dosed with a big hit of mango puree and fermented with Philly Sour yeast. Aromas of fresh mango and tart pineapple lead to a full and slightly sweet mouthfeel with a refreshing acidity and sour finish.

The 4th entry in our single hop “Trippin” series, packed full of nothing but El Dorado hops. El Dorado has flavours of mango, pineapple, and stonefruit. Fermented with London Ale III to add an almost creamy texture and with a solid bitterness to keep it very sessionable.


The 3rd in our Palindrome series of IPAs exploring small changes to the same recipe. This time around we’re fermenting with Brux Trois yeast which produces amazing flavours of pineapple, overripe fruit and funkiness. 4 different hops are used in the dry hop to bring lots of tropical fruit and citrus for a unique funky IPA experience.

We’re exploring another lesser known style with Rorschach. Fermented cold and lagered for over 7 weeks Rorschach is full of smooth chocolate, raisin, and coffee flavours. Finishes clean and surprisingly light to make it extremely drinkable for a dark beer.


Brewed with 5 different New Zealand hops including Nelson Sauvin, this hazy IPA is fruity and juicy from the get-go but also showcases the unique piney, grassy, and earthy qualities of NZ hops. A beautiful balance of juicy hops, fruity esters and bitterness. We brewed this beer on New Year’s Eve in the UK, which is New Year’s Day in NZ, so it’s a true cross time-zoned beer to bring in 2021!

Brewed in collaboration with Brew York. Using Philly Sour yeast for the first time, this adds a refreshing acidity and notes of stone fruit that are a perfect complement to the mosaic, Citra and Simcoe hops also in this beer. finished with Verdant IPA yeast for an orchestral balance of sharp and hoppy citrus juice.


A classic west coast IPA with tons of old school bitterness with a rounded malt profile. Citrusy and piney hops Cascade, Amarillo and Falconers Flight bring lots of pithy grapefruit notes and a refreshing citrusy zing. We’ve added Grapefruit and Blood Orange zest, juice and puree to get the fruity flavours into hyper drive.

Featuring 2 of our favourite hops in the Galaxy: Enigma and Galaxy! This smooth and hazy DIPA features big tropical fruit notes along with passionfruit and citrus and a rounded bitterness to keep everything in check. Plenty of malty and juicy sweetness hides the abv well.


A big brash Stout packed with beechwood smoked malts for aggressive flavours of chocolate, tobacco and roasted coffee. With no adjuncts this is a no frills Stout, 12% of unadultered boozy goodness.

Aromas of sweet apricot, almond and vanilla balance out the sour yeast followed by juicy sweetness from the apricots and all wrapped up with a sweet and creamy malty body. Finishes pleasantly sour to keep it very drinkable.


A style that’s not really made it’s way over to the UK yet, but the Brother’s Alex at S43 and Full Circle locked horns and came up with this big hitting IPA. Expect sticky, chewy toffee and caramel flavours from the malt, offset by a huge hop bill of Columbus, Chinook, Centennial and Simcoe for a bitterness as dry as the desert planet of Tattooine, and some Citrus and Pine notes to bring it all Full Circle (Pun Intended).

Sweet creamy malt provides a base for a big juicy hop profile of Mosaic, Ekuanot and Azacca. Hazy, very little bitterness, you’ll have no idea you’re drinking a DIPA until you’ve had 2 or 3 and your eyes start looking like Steve Buscemi’s


It’s also been a minute since we last tripped on a hop, so this time its Azacca’s turn. Slightly bitter with tropical flavours and a big hit of citrus and stonefruit, we’ve become quite fond of Azacca here at S43, so we’re very excited to give it it’s turn in the spotlight!

It’s been a minute since we made a true New England, pale as can be and full of juicy flavour, so we thought we’d come back with a bang and pack it full of Galaxy and Citra! These two hops speak for themselves, you know what to expect from them and we’re showcasing them in all their fruity glory.


A stripped back malt bill of maris otter and a boat load of oats create a nice simple base to showcase some classic American Hops. Fermented with Imperial Juice Yeast to give some new school fruity esters, Amarillo, Simcoe and Cascade are showcased in their purest form, making a new school beer that throws it back to the American Beers that got us here in the first place.

Our first collab with Brew York, the purveyors of delicious dark beers. We crafted a milk stout recipe and loaded it up with Cinnamon, Nutmeg, All Spice, Ginger and a bit of Pumpkin to make it true to its name. Then used Costa Rican cold brew from our favourite roasters Pink Lane to make a stout so autumnal you won’t be able to drink without a pair of Ugg Boots and a flannel shirt.


Here at S43 we’re big fans of NZ Hops, and what better to match Kiwi hops with than Kiwi Fruit? We put Wai-iti, Rakau, Moutere, Ekuanot with a shed load of Kiwi to make a unique beer that not only showcases the usual flavours from NZ Hops, but also has a little added sweetness from the Kiwi Fruit. 

The 2nd in our palindrome IPA series… This time around we’ve fermented our recipe with a “Kveik” yeast strain isolated from the hornindial region in Norway. Kveik yeasts are typically known for producing very fruity beers along with some funkier flavours that make them all their own. 


Fermented with London Ale yeast for lots of fruity ester, and the biggest dry hop bill we’ve ever done of; Motueka, Wai-iti, Nugget, Kohatu, Ekuanot and Moutere. Bringing notes of citrus, pine and stone fruits, with a pleasant bitterness that keeps the booze in check!

Our first ever foray into sour beers! We’ve brewed a traditional German Berliner Weisse recipe with 50% wheat and lactic producing yeast, with some hibiscus flowers for a herbal note. Then dosed in tonnes of watermelon juice and puree. The result being a tart, refreshing wheat beer with a beautiful pink hue and a distinct watermelon sweetness.


We’ve been racking our brains coming up with tasting notes for this one, trying to be unique and clever, maybe trying to come up with a pun that fits the name, but who are we trying to kid? It’s a Hefeweizen! Brewed traditionally using all german ingredients, you can expect notes of banana and clove and some lemony zing from the wheat.

After initial fermentation we lagered this beer for 5 weeks, and dry hopped it with Loral, Huell Melon and German Hallertau to give a unique hop combination that’s both fruity and earthy, this beer is going to be more crisp and refreshing than soft and cuddly. Perfect for one of the 5 sunny days we might get in September, or for staying in and kicking back with your favourite episode of Peep Show.


This is the 1st in our new ‘Palindrome’ IPA series, we’ve come up with what we feel is a great base recipe that will allow us to delve into the details, make subtle tweaks and try new things to bring out a similar but different beer every time. This first one boasts a very juicy hop bill of Idaho 7, Citra, Ekuanot and Azacca.

A rebrew of a beer we released earlier this year based on a certain chocolate bar. We felt we could do this one slightly better this time round, so we adjusted the malt base, and made some slight recipe adjustments to make an Imperial Stout to drive you nuts!


In South Durham City born and raised, in the brewery was where he spent most of his days, chilling out maxing relaxing all cool… you all know the song, we’ll let you make the rest up! This is The Fresh Prince, a classic west coast IPA with Falconer’s Flight and Simcoe, perfect for transporting you to a hot Californian Summer’s Day!

A holiday in a can, imagine Denali, Azacca and Sabro in a beer, that’s already going to be a pretty sweet beer right? Well we went crazy and added some Pineapple Puree and Lactose to make this super hazy juice bomb. Be a Pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside!


We’ve never done a Triple IPA before, and with this year being dubbed as ‘The Year of the TIPA’ we thought we’d give it a good go. Hopped with Idaho 7, Citra and Mosaic we’re reaching some new heights in ABV to make a thick, intense tropical TIPA, big and boozy and full of flavour!

We’ve done it with Citra, we’ve done it with Simcoe, now it’s Mosaic’s turn to be showcased in all it’s glory. If Mosaic is your hop, then this beer is for you!


Hopped with Mosaic, Idaho 7, Nelson Sauvin and Motueka, then fermented with Bruxellensis Trois yeast. This IPA is not just your average breakfast juice, packed with funky aromas and over-ripe tropical fruit flavours we want this beer to jump out from the crowd.

Double Dry Hopped with Simcoe, there’s not much else we can say about this beer other than it’s going to be freakin’ delicious!


The beer the craft world needs, not the one it deserves. We took the recipe from one of our most recent beloved beers, doubled it, and made a DIPA that would give even The Caped Crusader a run for their Money.

Our second collaboration with our favourite local coffee roasters Pink Lane, we’ve put some hazelnuts in this brew to compliment that Brazilian coffee taste we all know and love. Full of delicious roastiness, this stout is out of this world. Live long and drink great beer.


Soft and slightly creamy, with tonnes of tropical and citrus elements. Juice Cannon builds on the catalogue of Juice we’ve been building at S43, with some added lactose for an extra smooth finish. Hops – Citra, Mosaic, El Dorada, Azacca.

Fermented with London Ale yeast for lots of fruity esters, and a huge hop bill of New Zealand hops bringing notes of citrus, pine and stone fruits. Pleasant bitterness balances out the sweet fruity elements to make a crushable beer that packs a punch!


If you were a fan of our acclaimed “Fat White” Milkshake IPA then you’re going to love Smoothie Factory. We’ve packed it with Mosaic and El Dorado hops and then blended in passionfruit and mango purees for a big fruity kick all rounded out with whole Tahitian vanilla beans for a sweet, smooth and creamy finish

Following on from the popularity of our previous “Big Dank”, “Dank Money” ups the dank game with a big hop bill starring Columbus, Simcoe, Citra, and Chinook. Thick and resinous with plenty of bitterness but fermented with London Ale III to balance it all out with a smooth and fruity finish.


A tropical fruit explosion showcasing Denali, El Dorado and the fresh coconut goodness of Sabro hops. Pineapple and Mango purees are then blended in to create an easy drinking, tropical juice experience. Fermented with one of the original Vermont yeasts for an extra squeeze of juiciness.

Double Dry hopped New Zealand IPA, Showcasing the pioneering New Zealand Hop, Nelson Sauvin An Intense double dry hop allows the nelson Sauvin hops to shine with flavours, of Lychee, Gooseberry, white grape & grapefruit. The beer pours pale with a very full malt base for maximum hop Aroma


Showcasing new season Mosaic & Azacca! This NEIPA busts of tropical fruis and citrus Aroma. Tasting notes of mango, pineapple, tangerine and Stone fruits.

This boozy Imperial Stout pours thick and syrupy with tons of milk chocolate, caramel, and latte aromas. Three different additions of chocolate and a huge amount of lactose bring sweet, fudge like flavours along with fresh yeasty notes. Velvety smooth with no sign of the high abv, a slight saltiness in the finish just hints at all the pretzels used in the brewing process


This Citra loaded IPA packs bright citrus and sweet tropical fruit aromas. Intense, tropical sun-kissed juiciness is complimented with a smooth and soft texture. A bit of dark stone fruit and earthy dankness rounds it all into a delicious citrusy and fruity delight.